crocheting !!!

been crocheting since mid october of 2023, and ive been enjoying it a TON. hoping to log the stuff i make on here !

my crochet tools


recently, i stumbled across the tulip etimo crochet hook set on pinterest. i absolutely ADORED it, as the colors are soo cute and its such a nice set ! then i purchased my own set after many hours of deliberation, and i can safely say they are totally worth it.

costing a little less than $100, the set includes 10 crochet hooks, 2 darning needles, a pair of VERY well-crafted sewing scissors, and an adorable pink case. the hooks come in varying shades of pink on the handle, with the hooks themselves being a nice silver color. other than appearances, the hooks are very very nice to work with ! they truly do glide through yarn, and they have somehow made me crochet faster ??? not exactly sure, but they have been such a pleasure to work with. although they have a hefty price tag, i personally think this set is very worth it (for me, at least).

stitch markers

i use some stitch markers i got from daiso and some i got from amazon ! not really anything special, just a couple cheap packs of plastic stitch markers. i store some in a tiny earring case and some in the box they came in !

in general, i prefer plastic ones because the metal ones seem to always split my yarn, which gets pretty annoying. my metal markers are also WAY too thin for some of the yarn i use, so sometimes they just... fall out... ya know maybe i just have faulty metal stitch markers LOL

measuring tape

i just have a $5 measuring tape from lowe's... nothing special LOL ! i want to decorate it, because its kind of an ugly red, but idk. but yeah i just have a random measuring tape. im not a very Specialized crocheter lol !

projects !

- sunflower bag 🌸

- mermaid lookin scarf 🌸

- pink hat 🌸

- purple beanie 🌸

- hat for my dad

- rose bag

- pencil pouch