heads up !! most if not all unofficial art on this page is drawn by super cool io, thank u so much fam !!


my favorite song ever. most relatable song ever. best song. best remixes, best lyrics. best musician. so much i could say, so much i could talk about. come back soon.

:splitter_girl by weevildoing is my favorite song of all time. first released on august 16, then taken down on youtube, it is my favorite song ever.

:the visuals from the original video were so amazing, so many things i wanted to learn about and so many things i knew about and so many references and things to think about and connections to make. probably the best music video i've ever seen. unfortunately youtube was a little bitch and took down the original video. there are a couple archived versions of the real thing, so i would recommend you watch them.

:luckily, the censored video is still super cool. the way its all pixelated and you cant even make out what youre seeing gives an astounding sense of worry and confusion and dreariness that fits the song very well. you should also watch that version.

:additionally, there is a piano version on spotify, which is beautiful. it sounds so perfect. whenever im in public and i can feel myself slipping away that is exactly what it feels like. the piano version is amazing, you can feel the melancholy more than the anger which helps bring out the absolute emotion in the song when you listen to the original and then the piano. perfect experience.


girl intruder with no future
a computer claims my soul
burdened with a nasty burning,
obscene yearning for control

shy and quiet, there but silent
there’s a violence in my heart
want to maim you, to repaint you
want to make you come apart

growing up,
i had these urges I’d feel bad about
but I’m done feeling guilty,
i’ll take these thoughts and tear them out

so you can’t stand to see me
punishing myself?
only other option is
to take it out on someone else

stickers on my artillery
i’m gonna make history
hurry up and get rid of me
while there’s nothing left in me
quiet girl, so unassuming
don’t ask me how i’m doing
born to bring the end of the world
swear it’s nothing personal
(tried to take it out on myself,
didn’t have the same effect
blood is always satisfying
but yours will be better yet)

round the corner, acting normal
scary how they don’t see it
ain’t it strange, it feels like yesterday
that i was just a kid

another night, i’m all alone,
enthroned within a screen
rgb light reflects uncut orgasmic tragedies

oh, i can’t stand
these awful thoughts inside of me
only way to compensate is
lead and metal, sharp and clean

razor-bladed, sugar-coated
just cock it and reload it
in the backyard, firing rounds
who’s an easy target now?
quiet girl, so unappealing
don’t ask me how i’m feeling
born to die, i’m taking you too
how much damage can i do?
bloody feet across the floor,
nobody to clean the stains
never got to be adored,
no one there to ease the p
nobody to kiss it better,

laughed at for all of the scars
abusive misuse of a child
guess that must’ve been the cause

now i’m bitter,
now i’m better
angry but i know the truth
you all hurt me,
you all hate me,
this is what you made me do

when nothing
matters at all, you can do anything
i have to hurt them
for balance
for karma
before they do it to me

so you can’t stand to see me
punishing myself?
don’t be so nice to me
you’ll make me wish i wanted help

stickers on my artillery,
why won’t you go and kill me?
hurry up and get rid of me
before I say I’m sorry
quiet girl, nobody knows her
please let me start all over
born to bring you all misery
and yet you see good in me

if this really wasn’t the end,
and I could do it again
do you think that i’d deserve it?
do you think that i’m worth it?

'sympa-' 'empa-' 'apathetic';
they’re only theoretic
for now, i put down my weapons
i wanna be a person

there are three versions of the song i want to dive into more; the original, the piano version, and a drum and bass remix. i will add them as i (hopefully me) will draw the corresponding version of her as i see fit. stay tuned for updates.

splitter girl designs. original (left) and updated (right)
:the older design's thicker lines, harsher shading and colors, and overall heaviness remind me more of the actual character and song. however, the updated design has a cleaner look, and provides a better reference (probably idk im not a very good drawer). her bodysuit (might be tattoos but idk) has also been changed, now with more of a greener tint and different design and characters.

:personally i prefer the older design, simply because of how much ive looked at it and what it reminds me of. the harsher lines and rougher style remind me of how i draw, and i really enjoy seeing it in a character i adore so much.