my favorite artists

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visual artists

Jordan Wolfson

found wolfson's work in the summer of 2022 and watched every single video i could find of his exhibits. i fell in love with his sculptures, and how he used his voice and animatronics to create such interesting pieces. i have always wanted to see one of his works in person, but there have never been any near me. apparently, there is a lot of controversy surrounding wolfson, but im not very up to date with it. i dont know anything about him as a person, but i love indulging in his artwork. i think him being jewish really resonates with me. he talks about his unhappiness and dislike of himself as a child sort of drive his artwork, and i think i relate to that. a couple of my favorite creators tend to have been incredibly angry jewish children (same as i was), and i think that really brings out something in me. i could not tell you my favorite work of his

Korakrit Arunanondchai

i found arunanondchai's work in school during art class, actually, around april of last year, our class went to visit a gallery and my teacher asked everyone to find one piece they really connected with. i chose "United Nations Pan", 2016. as soon as i saw the piece, i really fell in love. the 3d aspect especially drew me in, but the exceptionally manmade aspects (the flourescent lights and buildings) paired with the natural life (the leaves, plants and monkey-like creatures) amazed me. when we went to the gallery, i was so surprised at the size of the piece. it was almost as tall as me, and even wider. unfortunately, it was one of the last pieces we saw and i was unable to look at it for as long as i liked. however, i still fell in love with the sculpture. i decided to look into arunanondchai's other works, and i loved everything i saw. especially his full-fledged exhibit, "Painting with History in a Room Filled with People with Funny Names". i could not tell you my favorite work of his

C.M. Kosemen

i do not remember finding 'All Tomorrows', an online pdf (book) that illustrates genetically modified humans millions of years into the future. although i have never fully devoted time to reading everything in the book past skimming (although i really have to soon), the basic premise of it has stuck with me. everytime i remember kosemen's book and art, chills run up my spine and i feel tempted to read the pdf once more. essentially, its about the possible creatures humans could evolve into through genetic modification by more intelligent species, and how they develop without intervention. very interesting, and very unsettling (personally). i think its a very good read or even just scroll through if youre interested. the pdf is very easy to find online, just search 'all tomorrows' and it should come up. i suppose All Tomorrows is my favorite work of his


100 gecs

i love 100 gecs so much !!! cannot remember when i started listening to them, but ive stayed a fan for years. earliest i can remember listening to them is... about 3 years ago, which is crazy. wanted to go to their concerts soo bad but my friend couldnt go and it wouldnt have been as fun without them. i love all their music. the noise of it makes me so happy its crazy ! such easy listening music, and the lyrics r also so Clever and Silly lol ! i cannot choose a single favorite, but my favorite songs of theirs are probably 757, fuck teeth, hand crushed by a mallet (remix version), and gecgecgec (remix version). however, i love all their music immensely! cant wait for when i can go to a concert eventually :)

crystal castles

the music of crystal castles brings about an emotion no other music seems to give me. ive been looking for other music that evokes the same feeling or sound but i have not found anything that does the same. i think i came across crystal castles in 2022, which is crazy to think about. i dont really have all that much to say, other than the electronic music mixed with amazing samples and vocals really makes an astounding experience. my favorite songs are vanished, black panther, 1991, and empathy


i love goreshit's music so so so much. i discovered his music by looking for the opening song of serial experiments lain, as he has a song titled 'Serial Experiments Lain alternative op.' after listening, i decided to look through his discography, and fell in love with song after song. i am eternally grateful that i came across breakcore, because its now one of my favorite genres ever. my favorite songs are her eyes roll way back, serial experiments lain alternative op, nhk!?, toromi hearts 2, czech, bad habits, and say it aint low


beth gibbons' voice is so magical to me. so many of portishead's songs evoke such a feeling of longing and loneliness, it is so so good. the rip might be the best song of all time, honestly. the lyrics, the fade in and beat drop, her voice. it is so good, i recommend everyone to listen to it at least once. their use of samples and electronic instruments while still harboring such a natural and emotional sound is so commendable. it is such good, beautiful music. objectively incredibly, im sure someone more musically inclined than me can explain exactly how they manage to express such beauty in their music.