sometimes i have a lot to say, and thats my main blog.
sometimes i dont have a lot to say, and thats this

june 21 1:52pm - cant wait to get homeee i wanna play minecraft so bad.. but i ahve a paper to work ob . Maybe i will get a Bevvyyy too or maybe make a nice one ! i think i might have figured it out so :)

june 19 11:46am - tired ! only got like 6 hrs of sleep last night bc i went 2 bed too late and the Sunlight woke me but its ok. i hope work will be easy

june 18 11:16am - cant waittt to go home.. hope i dont feel too tired bc i need to buy new pillows bc my current ones r SO BAD FOR MY Head it sucksss i wake up feeling like. headachey :(

june 17 1:17pm - im so tired !! i cant wait to go home and sit in my room and play minecraft... i hope i dont have a lot of homework and i hope work is easy. at least school is off on wednesday !!

june 13 3:10pm - everytime i go back and listen to splitter girl on repeat, the songs even more relatable. its atcually crazy just hpw many of the lyrics i relate to now oh my god

june 13 1:32pm - i cannot wait to go home. i dont want to go to work, and afterwards i have to freaking study for two tests tomorrow. i dont want to go to work at all i am so so so tired. i jsut want 2 do One Thing...

june 12 8:54am - didnt cut as much as i wnated 2 this morning and now i feel So Gross i want . I have so many urges. its my dad's birthday though and i feel so sad.

june 11 2:50pm - scene style is so cool its so prettyyy omg...

june 11 1:07pm - im so sore?? my arms are sore and i need to stretch and i feel soo stiff. cant wait to get home

june 10 11:02am - so tired. almost done w history of art and music. yayyyy

june 6 7:56am - i hate this i hate this i hate this i want to go deeper oh my gosh. why would i ever do this to myself. i cnat wait to get home from work and go crazy. most of the old cuts are healed and there is so much blank space. i am so sorry to my friends

june 5 12:57pm - want to go homeee i am so tired :( hopefully the next 2 and a half hours arent too bad...

june 4 9:20am - so freaking tireddd omg... cant wait 2 get home Oh My Lordd.. legs hurt arms hurt face hurts im s TIRED and SORE what

june 3 10:04am - REDACTED

june 2 10:47am - fit 8 of the 9 Bpd Criteria !!!!!!!!!!!! What the HELL. dawg.. i need 2 fix this omg.

june 1 2:29pm - REDCATED. im gonna play botw

may 29 7:28pm - finished the bottom of the bag and the sides ! just have the handles, pocket and attaching left ! so excited to see the finished product, the colors look so cute !

may 29 2:44pm - no work today YAYAYAY !!! they dont have power so theyre closed for the day. this tote is taking FOREVERRR. so fun tho !

may 29 11:33am - crocheting !! making a tote bag to hopefully use for summer school ! i do NOT wanna go 2 work today tho.... Ugh. hopefully i feel Motivated to go soon bc i dont want it to end up being Boring or Annoying. oh well ! we'll live and ball either way LOLOL

may 25 11:21am - feeling Sickkk.... hate this. dont have appetite, feeling gross, and just overall Bad. Jelp...

may 22 8:51am - ALMOST DONE WITH SCHOOL YAYAYAY A!!!! FINALLY !!!! jetpens order spposed to get here monday too YAYAY !!!! CANT WAIT !

may 16 9:51am - been on made of styrofoam too much... Yikes ! i want to buy the stuff i want. i want the delfonics bag BACK IN STOCK ASAPPPP Omg....... i hope it keeps raining, wont b able to focus at school 2day otherwise...

may 14 10:19am - YAYAYAYAY GOT A 94 ON HISTORY TESTTTT best history test grade ive gotten this whole yr !!! im gonna.... Ignore.... the 86 i got on the quiz tho LOL !!!

may 14 9:28am - so fricking tired. So Stressed. i dont feel like summer is coming, i just dont feel like anything's changing. so so so stressed.... omg...

may 12 4:11pm - had the BEST meet up w/ friend !! scrapbooked a ton and im so happy w/ the finishd product !! i hope we can do that more during summer, i had a blast

may 12 9:08am - my arm burns. i had plans but i dont want to do anything. i just want to suffer honestly... ugh. i hate sundays

may 11 8:37am - studying @ starbies rn !! been thru all the math units once now Yaya Zaza !! gotta work on my history paper but i Super dont wanna do that.... Ngl........ whatever, we'll get thru it ! at least i have yummy bev !!

may 9 9:30pm - omg i hope school tomorrow is alright. too tired to do anything Big, but hopefully i can get Some stuff done. i am so tired rn. at least work was alright. cant wait for 4 pm tomorrow

may 9 9:12am - I am going to KILL this history paper. I need an A on this paper. i am going to schedule So many meetings to discuss this. I Need A Good Grade !!!!

may 8 5:34pm - trying to get on my study grind but im SO UNMOTIVATEDDD Omg.... whatever im almost done for today

may 7 3:43pm - feeling a lot better. no longer As sick but i still feel grosss my throat is itchy and sore and i just feel blehh... probz shoulda stayed at school but im doing the same thing i would have done if i was @ school soooo... onky diff is i have a yummy bev !


may 7 8:31am - stressed As Freajk. physics test in like 15 minutes, im actually gonna fail im so freaking scared

may 4 9:07am - i feel so Sick !! Like actually ! i hope work is easy. i hate studying. i like my coffee. i feel very weak. my head hurts

may 3 9:31am - omg i hate history. i cant wait to go home. i have too many projects. i hope i get a lot done today and tomorrow. i cant wait for summer

may 2 2:27pm - physics is too hard. papers are too hard to write. school sucks. all i want to do is skate !!

may 2 9:08am - blehh its too early for this. at least i am comfortable in a nice sweater. i hope work is easy

may 1 2:53pm - sososo tired... cant wait to be home. i want to crochet

may 1 12:40pm - my stomach hurts a lot, i want a nice drink or snack but i dont have one :( i feel icky