welcome 2 the place with my fave games !
headsup ! this page is still in lots of progress because it looks a little lame 2 me...


absolutely delicious specimen of a game. completely delicious. would eat all the blocks if they were real. Yummy. Anyways to be serious, this game is so fun !! i think a lot of people get what i mean when i say i have Definite Phases of playing minecraft. like for a month or two itll ve the MOST FUN THING IN THE WORLD and then at some point ill just get so burnt out and bored. and then i move onto something else and then the cycle continues until i come back to minecraft. really is a recurring interest. some of my best memories have been made on minecraft. i think everyone ive ever considered a Best Friend has played minecraft with me which is kinda silly Lolz !! back 2 the yummy thing tho; everything about the game is so yummy yummy yaya zaza !!! all the animals are Such CREATURES and everything is just so gorg. all the texture packs 2 are LOVELY and the mods (WHich i Erm still dunno how 2 use but i remember from when i was younger LOLZ) are so CREATIVE its so neat !!! i think minecraft might be the game ever ngl. like its the most ppulat yes thats a fact but its also just the Most Game of all time i think :)


this game is EPIC !!!!!!!!!!!!! toes introduced it 2 me last year and i was like 'Huh sounds cool, a lil expensive tho' and then me n my mum went 2 new york 2 see a friend and then we went 2 the NINTENDO STORE and there was all this SPLATOON MERCH STUFF and i was like WOW !!!! and then i bought the physical splatoon game and a WALUIGI PLUSH which i LOVE he's so silly :) anyways this was the first ever physical switch game i boguht !! i am also REALLYYY Bad at it but ya know, its the fun that counts !! im a flingza roller typa gal and its SUCH A FUN WEAPON 2 PLAY !!! unfortunately i ahvent played in a while, might start again soon tho !! Idk its such a fun game but recently i havent rly been a switch gamin gal lately so. we'll see ! but overall, splatoon is such an epic game. i LOVE how the octolings and inklings look and theyre just SO SUPER NEAT and im a Big fan :) want those little inkling/octoling doll character things LOLOL theyre adorbz !


i was first introduced 2 the smt/persona games in the beginning of 2021 by some old friend. she was like 'Hey ! i thijnk u might like persona 5, here's a good playthru to watch !" (i did Not have ANY Gaming consoles at the time). and so i started watching it and i was like WOW !!! THIS IS EPIC !!! honestly tho the whole reason i started plauing was bcuz i thought haru's hair and voice were ADORABLE and i still do (i love her So Much Fam Omg) ! then later, i was like oh wow ! theres other games in this series ! so i started watching p4g and then i stopped for a while. then, when smt v was released, i got it 4 hannukah !! and then when p3, p4, AND p5 were released on switch, i HAD TO BUY THREM !!! honestly the whole reason i first got my switch was for the persona 5 strikers game (which is SO MUCH FUN) and i do Not regret it !! had 2 buy it all by my 12 yr old self's own but it was p epic and very worth it ! honestly i was probz a lil too young to be exposed to this series (it is rated mature after all) but i think it was one of the best introductions to gaming and consoles i could have had


I LOVE ALL OF THE PAPAS GAMES. THEY ARE ALL SO AWESOME. when flash got removed i was SO UPSET Omg. and then i kinda forgot about papa's games for a good while Ngl LOLOL but ITS OK !!!! Recently i watched jerma play papa's freezeria deluxe and i was like WOW and so i went and bought it myself one day !! honestly it was a pretty good use of 6 dollars in my opinion, now im not spending every study hall Bored out of my mind which is p nice. plus, for six bucks, i think ive DEF gotten my money's worth with hpow much time ive spent and how much fun it is. would 100% recommend. but otger than that, ive been told papas mocharia is really good and honestkly i bet it is, a coffee based papas game ??? epic !!! might ask my friend if i can try it out on her Telly because i dont rly wanan spend any money on mobile games for the time being (and idk if papas mocharia is on like steam or smth) but overall, i LOVE papas games !!! whenever im bored i Open up the launcher and start ROCKIN OUT to the awesome music