stuff i like !

this is my page for all things i like !!! will obviously be changing and editing this page a LOT as my interests change around, so check in frequently :) ! if you see any pages with an 18 in the url, fear not ! 18 is my favorite number, so those are my most FAVORITE pages (you could call them shrines i guess ??? Idk !) !! have fun !


He's a Funny Man. He Makes me Giggle. I Go HeeheeHaha. Hyuk. Guffaw. I Like Him. He's in my Phone Case. He's my Creature. Like one of those Neopets. My Neopet For my Neocity ❤️

riamu yumemi !

riamu !! ive been a fan of her for quite a hot minute (2 yrs now ?) and i am IN LOVE with her she's So Cute !!! i love her voice and her songs and her Fits and her personality and everything about her omg. i wanna get a figurine of her but... Erm... she's always like HALF NAKED or smth. so id deffo get like yelled @ for having one and Uhh thats Not something im trying to have happen !! maybe when im older ill get one of her. maybe the one in the blue dress with the white apron, that one's pretty cute ! but oh well. i really appreciate her. i think she's quite neat and i would Honestly play idolmaster 4 her and anzu but i havent been playing rhythm games a ton recently so... but oh well !! i like her a ton ❤

figurines and collectables !

i have been collecting stuff for basically as long as ive known ! starting from legos when i was like 4, to knick knacks and marbles and toys and tokidoki figures and dolls and so on and so forth ! tehres a lot of stuff i Would collect if i had the money that are just Wayyyy too expensive for me rn (and maybe forever unfortunately) but i still Love 2 admire them on the internet and in other places !! of course, itll never compare to actually owning the stuff, but my bank account will thank me LOL !

stationery and the like

i LOVE pens i LOVE pencils i LOVE pencil cases i LOVE notebooks i love EVERYTHING ABOUT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! when i was younger i used to watch these like pencil Case Tour videos and there was this One tht i would watch ALL. THE TIME. i wanted to start doing it again but the scene changed So Much from when i was younger that i didnt rly know where to start and it was just Wild. anyways, i havea lot of pens. and notebooks. i especially love fountain pens (i have a lot of like cheap pilot ones, two kaweco sports [i thionk ?], one Uhhh lamy from secret santa and a Uhhh faber castell one that i got in vienna !). i have a lot of prettyIsh like normal ballpoint anf stuff. i have some Super cute like sanrio or sumikko gurashi stuff (might post pics L8r) but yuh ! i love writing items. i also have my own typewriter ! Its a smith corona 1959 Smith corona typewriter (in green) and its AWESOME

internet activities

im sure this is Kind of an obvuous one (this is neocities after all) but i LOVE the internet !! ive grown up with it, had an ipad since the ripe age of three, and basically spent my whole life looking at screens and stuff. pretty fun but i often wonder what i wouldve been like without the constant technology and artificial light. i really enjoy just looking at little spaces on the internet (again, neocities !) but i also really like looking at game spaces and stuff, like friv or stuff. lots of things that make me nostalgic seem fun. luckily, i had a pretty good handle on what was 'good' and 'bad' as a child, and stook to those principles, so i never really saw anything that would make my eyes bleed. that only happened after fifth grade 😀. but anyways, i really enjpy the internet !! currently very interested in (No im not done with it, yes im still going thru it i LOVE it) and followed them on neocities the other day ! was really Wowed when i realized it was neocities. the url always made me think it was its own website thingy. Anyways i love Being Online ❤

writing i enjoy !!

i used to read a LOT more than i do now (still trying to get myself to read more) but there are some books and stuff that i absolutely ADORE !!!! currently my fave book is 'extremely loud and incredibly close' by jonathon safran foer. it is SUCH an EXCELLENT AMAZING book and i cried so much while reading it. theres also a movie adaptation but ive heard bad things about it which makes sense LOLOL ! it doesnt seem like a book suitable to have a movie adaptation. a picture may say 100 words but sometimes the words say more. idk its wild ! my favorite author is harlan ellison and my fave genre is probz speculative fiction. i often say i like reading but ive read like 4 books this year. i wanna read a TON more but idk theres always something i wanna do more in the moment. but we'll see ! maybe this page will bring me motivation to read more lolz !

pretty clothes

i LOVE cool clothes !!! it doesnt matter that my chances of wearing or even OWNING such pretty clothes are like. as close to zero as anything could be, but i absolutely LOVE them !! ive been into lolita fashion for like. 2/3 years now and i have been SO IN LOVE with it !!!! wanted to get my own dress @ some point but ended up getting too Scared and knew i wouldnt wear it so i didnt buy it ): but its ok ! anyways, i really really love how lolita clothes look, i love the jsks and the stockings and the shoes and all the hairpieces and bonnets and legit EVERYTHIGN i love ALL of the styles theyre SO GORGEOUS !!!! even just admiring pics of outfits online is perfect for me !

bee and puppycat

my favorite show ever !! first time i watched this was 6th grade, and i watched it in the living room while rain was pattering on the window right next to me. it was one of the most Experiences ive ever had. keep in mind this was only the season 1 (the version on youtube, only an hour long), and it was sooo good. i cried so hard. ended up just sobbing myself to sleep that night, i dont really know why. anyways, ever since then its been my absolute favorite show in the world. ive tried to show it to like... every person ive been friends with basically !!! bee is very often my avatar on social sites (spotify and skype are my most used ones, at least before my Bestie drew me splitter girl art 4 them ❤) and i really like All the characters in the show. i BAWLED even more when i finished the second season on netflix, and its still my absolute favorite show Ever ❤ !! would very much recommend. i love all the characters, i love the music, i love the art and i love everything about it. cutest thing ever !!