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here you'll find me rambling about my favorite musicians, songs, albums, mostly anything related 2 music !! overall, i like a lot of music styles and genres, but my faves are probably breakcore, vocaloid (not rly a genre i guess but not sure what else to call it haha), and i guess hyperpop ! feel free 2 move the winamp !

these r most of my fave albums !!

dog/ screaming/ livestock - Abuseken

favorite tracks: Moths and Mayflies, Christ, Menthol Tear, dogdog, Let's clean up, and God, please () me, a monster.

i first heard of this album either in 2019 or 2020, i can't remember. unfortunately, i didn't actually start listening to it until early 2022, but since then it has been one of my favorites and i always end up coming back to it! such an amazing album with a marvelous use of vocaloid and instruments involving it. genuinely so in love with the album and i would highly, HIGHLY recommend listening to it. slight warning, many (mostly all if i remember rightly lol) of the songs do have discomforting themes, so be careful !

Ghost Quartet (Live at the McKittrick) - Brent Arnold, Brittain Ashford, Gelsey Bell, and Dave Malloy

favorite tracks: The Astronomer, Fathers and Sons, Usher Pt. 3, The Photograph, and The Wind and Rain

THIS IS SUCH A COOL THING. i never know what to call it because it's technically a musical (especially the live album) but it's also not?? idk but the plot of the show is so incredibly cool and confusing and it's quite the circular story !! i would highly recommend even just looking up the story of it because its just so cool. everyone involved is SO INCREDIBLY TALENTED its wild (im pretty sure everyone plays MULTIPLE INSTRUMENTS IN IT ??? AND THEY ALL SING ???? actually crazy talent Omg !!) and its such an amazing album, check it out !!

10,000 gecs - 100 gecs

favorite tracks: 757, The Most Wanted Person In The United States, and I Got My Tooth Removed

I LOVE THIS ALBUM SOOOO MUCH OMG i am SUCH an 100 gecs FAN u dont even KNOW 757 IS SUCH A GOOD SONG i LOVEEE the live rendition (specifically the one at terminal 5, it's on my music player !!) 100 gecs is one of my absolyte all time FAVORITE bands and EVERY SINGLE SONG ON THIS ALBUM HITS !!!!!! LOVE IT GO GECS LOVE YALL SO MUCH !!!!!!!

The Post-Traumatic Manifesto - weevildoing


THIS ALBUM IS MY FAVORITE THING I THINK !!! it has my ALL TIME FAVORITE SONG (splitter girl !!) AND OMG !!! literally ive liked EVERY SINGLE SONG that has been released 4 the album so far ! four (technically five, including portion of caliber girl !) have been released and they are all SO GOOD !! go stream all these songs NOW and listen to EVERY SINGLE WEEVILDOING SONG i love their music SO MUCH !!!

Goretrance 9 - goreshit

favorite songs: Bad Habits, No More Faking, and Hot As Balls

i love goreit so much !! every single song on this album is FIRE !!!! and they all make me want2 Run Around !! i LOVE this album, Perfcet 4 Homework !!! great songs on here and SO MANY OTHER GOREIT ALBUMS but i cant fit them all on this page Haha. highly recommend !!!!


favorite songs: Folie a Deux, Our Story, and Animals

THIS ALBUM HAS MY HEART AND SOUL. i play it on repeat shuffle every month or so because its just SUCH AN EMOTIONAL REASSURANCE OMG !!! love this album and stomach book's other songs so much (dont have any more albums so Kinda lumping them in with this one Lol). casket kids and anarchy!! are some of my other faves that Arent on an album, stream stomach book !!!!!

these are my favorite songs (in no particular order) !

this is one of my favorite songs of all time !!!!! when this song released (like the music video and song first premiered on youtube) i was at panini's house and we were customizing some dolls ! then we watched the premiere together and i instantly fell in love because. well. Personal reasons ! mainly a large sense of relatability and the song just sounds AMAZING !!! genuinely this song helps me so much whenever i feel like im going insane i Listen 2 it. it doesnt rly make me feel better per se but it makes me feel Unalone and seen and its just ❤ splitter girl is my favorite song and so far my Fave girk from tptm !! cant wait 4 more 2 release and Yass i love splitter girl !!!!

this was my Original relatable song back in 2021 !! foudn it right b4 my birthday and jammed out 2 it ALL DAY on bday. wild ! anyways this song has a special place in my heart because it was my first relatable girl song !! and i love it so much !!!! love the sound and lyrics and anger and melody its Soooo greatcoded !! Hated telling my 'friends' abt it tho cuz they were all like 'Noooo Thats Not Ok Song !! Stop It !!' which like. wouldnt have helped ?? and they were just kinda Unusual abt it anyways so.... But !!! still one of my top songs i heart it soo much !!

honestly i just rlyyy liek this song. dont have much 2 say about it. i just think its pretty neat ! sounds great and i like it a bunch. take a listen !!!

OMG THIS SONG IS KINDA CRINGECODED LOLOL BUT IT It has a Special PLace in my Heart Bcuz i have SUCH A SPECIFIC MEMORY ATTACHED 2 IT Omg i will never get over it. Anyways ! i dont actually like this song that much but it brings me back 2 6th grade and Wow is it good at that ! anyways shotuout 2 the girl who Consoled me thru imessages while she was at a lacrosse tournament when i was Abt 2 go INSANE COOCOO CRAZY NUTS... Dang i feel bad 4 her LOLOL if ur reading this im SO sorry queen Omg !!

this is one of my more recent favorites but omg is it Actually SO YUMMYUMMMM YAYAY ZAZA YUMMYAYAYAY !!! i loev this song so much its so Like. its Very Relatable ! Feels Like Me And My Mental State Lately !! also the music video is SO FAB OMG !!! death insurance has also just been one of my most favoritest artists lately since i found her thru a spotify recommendation playlist LOLOL but Yasss i have really been loving her stuff lately. shes also V silly (see 'my european adventure') and i might put her album 'i'm in your walls' up above eventually !! STREAM DEATH INSURANCE !!!!!!!!!1

i will Never Ever get over this song ! two years ago before science class i used to listen to this on headphones with FULL VOLUME to get myself to feel better in the mornings (brainsickness reallyyy got 2 me then LOLOL). love this song and the meaning and the translations and everything about it omg. i LOVE abuseken's vocab and just everything about it. Genuinely considered learning japanese just to get the full meaning out of this song oh my goodness !! yall should listen to iti 100% recommend. used to binge this song Like. everyday LOLOL !

oh Wow Bazinga ! Another Song I RElate 2 ! anyways Yass i loev ecifircas Rlyy helps when im feeling Stuck In The Rat Race (TM) !! rly enjoy this song its such a BANGER and its rly Cool idk most of the songs i like are either relatable and sound Rly nice or have cool meanings behind them. Which most of these r all three. idk i dont have much 2 say about this song its pretty self-explanatory And relatable idk its great Take a listen !!

i found this song on like some random 'chill breakcore beats 2 fall asleep to !' playlist on june 1 of 2022 and Honestly i dont remember anything else from that playlist... i dont even know if i could ever find it again LOLOL. also dont remember anything other than listening to this groggily on summer mornings while scrolling thru pinterest or apple news. dang last year was Wilddd ! i miss that summer, i was friends with some people im not anymore. that was Also the summer we got stuck in a mattress firm while it was Hailing !! gosh that was such a fun day. i miss days like that Lol !

just found this song i thinkkkkk like yesterday ?? idk it was very recent but its ALL ive been listening 2 today and yesterday. i Loveee the singer's voice and the instrumental is just sooo dreamy and sweet and Omg ! i love it !! the lyrics r also Soo snazzy (specifically love the 'youre all poised and im made of poison' because... Omg Yass !! honestly all the lyrics r so amazing tho its great) and ive just had it on repeat. just a lovely lovely song !!

this has been a song ive been obsessed with for about... two years now ?? also its originally by ryuuuu, wasnt rly clear in the image lol. anyways i oinly really gpt into vocaloiud aboutttt 5 years ago and even then i didnt start branching out into songs other than stuff youd find in like project diva (which are all FAB songs, but i didnt really try and find out more about the program and stuff until like 2021 Lol). and ive always ended up coming back to this one for some reason ! i dont even really remember how i found it, just remember rocking out to it While rollerskating (just like the music vid) and thinking it was a very cool song ! now it makes me feel a lot sadder than i think it used to (idk why tho :( ) and i only listen to it occsionally. but this song is still something that i 100% ADORE and will kee recommending over and over again !

dang this song had me in a chokehold in the end of 7th grade. and i love this song DEARLY because of that, but its also definitely a song that reminds me of worse times lolol. used 2 be absolutely TERRIFIEDDD of doing Anything ! and im so grateful that im even somewhat better because Oh lord i dont even know how i wouldve survived life like that. unfortunately, i still have a ways to go on having normal levels of nervoiusness but Ya ! this song helped me so much when i was Scared 2 even like walk outside with different pants than i normally wore LOL. even the music viudeo is just SO ACCURATE i love it !

This is.... a controversial.......... Thing of mine........ . Basically like 6 months ago panini asked me 2 listen 2 ilysm and i was like Oh Ok. this is GARBAGE !!! but now im like... IN LOVE.......... ITS SO BAD !!!! IDK WHY I HATED HER MUSIC SO LOGN AGO AND AM SUCH A FAN OF IT RN !!!! anyways this is the album ive most been listenign 2 (its in song category cuz all the songs r BANGIN !!!!) ANYWAYS STREAM ILYSM ASAP !!!!!!

found this song on some random person's spacehey a Longggg time ago. been a classic to me since, its legit so good. listen to it Probz every other day ngl. Love this song but unfortunately dont like much of uffie's other music ): which is such a shame 2 me !! she has such a gorg voice but i dont like her other tunes as much as this one and mcs can kiss, but oh well ! cant expect to like everything Lol. still ABSOLUTELY ADORE this song tho !!!! stream it !!!!!

this song is probz one of my faves of all time. from the meaning to the way it sounds to the melody to the beat to the tuning to the art to EVERYTHING its a masterpiece in my eyes. Legit love this song Soooooo much will never stop. the chorus gets stuck in my head every other week. Loveeee it give it a listen and support ferry !!!

love it. loev the story and the song. bangin. also ADORE stabilisers for big boys. So Me. Go Listn. I Love. !!!

absolutely anazing i LOVE this song !! ive been getting into silent hill recently and the soundtrack for three makes me wanan Cry with DELIGHT !!!! its just so so so good and it reminds me of like. if nastyona was english in a way ??? idk its a lil weird but its SUCH A GOOD SONg !!!! i like when she says Swiss Cheese Heart it sounds so good !! both versions (studio mix and Normal) give me SO MANY EMOTIONS and FEELINGS its SO super cool and neat i Love it ❤ !!

Reminds me of friend and its Nice n Comforting. plus its just SUCH A GOOD SONG idk its WILD i LOVE IT! !!! the repetition is so Yummy idk i wanna EAT the SONG! !!!!!!!

this is one of those songs that i feel lke has just so much emotion behind it. like everytime i listen to it i have a strong urge to scream or yell or cry or just. Idk. do Big Things !! its just a pretty peaceful song tho so idk what draws behind the meaning, but it majes me feel small for some reason. Its a Nice Song !!

i really like this songggg omg. i know i talked about it in the deathmetal one but Gosh its just So Good !! the differences between the more angry part and the calmer part is just so. Omg. its so Me core. the lyrics.... not so much. at least not some of them LOLOL. some of them are SUPER ME and some of them are just... I was Def Shocked When I Read Them !

this song reminds me of like. 6th and 7th grade a TON But ya know who cares it still a ROCKIN SONG !!!!!!! probz one of the first Pretty Loud songs i ever listebned 2 and enjoyed. like my personal precursor to breakcore which is pretty interesting i think. idk. 2 search it up (cuz Idk how many people looking here know japanese LOL), its called Magocal Doctor by maretu. #LoveIt, stream it !! but Um Flashing Lights and Loud Noise warning !!


realcore. all of death insurance's songs are wayyy too realistic and this one is no different. #LoveIt. helsp me @ school. Take a listen !! the music video is p jammin too !!

i think everyone should listen to this song at least once in their life. its absolutely heavenly, might be the closest thing to divine we will ever know. literally every single time i hear this song i just like. IDk. its such a good song to think to. really reminds you about how people are such small Insignificant creatures. which sounds kinda Basiccore but i truly mean it when i say that this song is one of the best ever created. even the music video is gorgeous.

i love this song so much. i absolutely mean it when i say that some of the songs on the silent hill 3's soundtrack are just so incredibly relatable and some of the best ive ever heard. the way the guitar melts with the vocals its just so excellent !! i love how she says 'and who has time for tears?' and lets be real, who does have time for tears ?

BEST REMIX EVER ALERT !??!??!?!? LEGITIMATELY DUNNO IF ANY REMIX CAN EVER IN A BILLION YEARS TOP THIS ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!! bloodstained was honestly probably one of my first 100 gec faves and this remix brings it ABOVE AND BEYOND OH MY GOODNESSSS. like genuinely i dont know if a better remix can be created. Idk if its even POSSIBLE. This is just the best one ever. Period. :)

embarassing song i enjoy. i was a HUGEEE imagune dragons fan in like 4th grade (got tickets 2 their concert 4 my tenth bday !), and this was always one of my favorites. even now, i still like it. somethign about the guitar and the sorta synthy-not actually synth- melody / piano/ whatever it is makes me so melancholic. idk if its the memories from when i was younger or just the song itself or the words or anything, but it always makes me feel hopeful yet disappointed. but it still makes me smile, so i keep listening :)

FAVORITE UNRELEASED GEC SONG. WHEN THIS RELEASES I AM GOING TO GO ACTUALLY INSANE !!!!!!!!!!!! the lyrics r so epic and the bass and drums and guitar are SO EXCITING I LOVE THEM SO MUCH !!!!! esp their voices in this song, idk whats so different in this song but its so good !!! even their Vibes in this live performance are just PERFECT !!!!! you BETTER LISTEN !!!!!

i really like the sound of this song ! the way the voice sample fits with the added instrumental synth Whatever is SO COOL and i loev the way it all comes together. did i struggle looking this up on youtube ? Yeah. but whatever, its a fire song. and the person who made it is now 50 !??! crazy bahah. if youre a fan of hardcore speedcore type beats giev it a listen !

i love this song so much. i love laura les and her lyrics. this song being one of the only songs i can sing comfortably both brings me intense joy and sadness. i love this song so much. it hurts. the video is also super cute. love the croc ! this song is so amazing though. only laura les could perfectly describe everything.

been listening to this on repeat all day. so many of the liens are just so lovely. cant stop myself from humming it or writing the words. was at work and just writing the lyrics, absolutely obsessed

I LOVE PORTSIHEAD !!!! This song is so good, beth's voice is just angelic. the chorus makes me feel like im Ascending up to the pearly gates i LOVE this song !!! one of my fave portishead songs rn i Think !!

remix of the song from like american dad or whatever its called. This remix is so good. the original is also hoenstly pretty good but the remix brings it to the next levek its Sooo good !!!! the drum and bass breaks in the background compared with the speed up pitched up vocals and the crackly sounds r so good !!! Love it so much Omg

i do not care that 1) this song is stupid and funny, 2) this song is almost ten years old, and 3) if anyone other than 3 people knew i listened to this they would make fun of me for days. this song is genuinely so good and i love it so much its so funny i could spend hours listening to it its so so so good i want to jump for joy whenever i hear it. it actually makes me SO HAPPY OMG

this song makes me so sad, and i dont know why. i understand quite a bit of the russian, and the lyrics arent even that sad. i think it might just be the ambience of the song, combined with the sort of hopeless of the singer and lyrics. but it definitely reflects how i feel sometimes, and is just a very good song

i love this song. again, makes me very sad, but it is so good. so peacefully agitating. it reminds me of susan smith, yet without the heaviness or guilt. just pure anger and frustration

this song is so good !!! not only is teto's tuning excellent, but the lyrics are SO GOOD. its actually unfathomable just how amazing the lyrics are omg !! (ignore the weird sizing... this song is only available thru link so i couldnt do what i normally do LOLZ )

the vocals in this song are just so beautiful. the lyrics are also just so gorgeous, and as with any crystal castles song, the mix of natural noises and electronic beats is so harmonic and blended perfectly. one of my favorites from them

the bridge in this song is HEAVENLY... i dont think ill ever be able to get over how good it is. the whole song is amazing though, i love the synths and the fading in and out in the beginning and end. I Love This Song

this is SUCH A GOOD SKATING SONG !!! high energy, super good bass, AMAZING SOUND, good fade in and out. Omg its so good !!!

originally i didnt like this song bc of the vocals, but now its one of my favorotes Ngl. i really like a lot of the structures and words. Idk they all flow soo smoothly i love the sound design !!